East Cheltenham Library


Rowland Community Center 


My father was a college student for approximately eighteen years.  He graduated from La Salle University in 1990 at the age of fifty.  It was quite an accomplishment when you consider he and my mother were raising six of us.  Occasionally, when he found the time, he would go to the library at La Salle and bring me along.

Some of my favorite places in the world, besides bookstores, are libraries.  I was very fortunate to have a great library just a few blocks from my house.  The best part about this library, East Cheltenham Library, was the fact that it was a part of the Rowland Community Center.  I could play basketball for an hour and then go to the library.  It was perfect.

The Old Library at West Chester University.  

The La Salle University Library (before the Connelly Library was built)

Glenside Library

Often when my sisters were swimming at Cheltenham High School my father and I would go to the Glenside LIbrary.  There I would often listen to Jack London stories on a record player or read some of my favorite books.